3 Simple Hacks to Get Your Content Seen

One of the best ways to get your content found on the internet is to share it with others directly.  But… You don’t want to be seen as a SPAMMER.  So how can you do it without turning everyone off to your message?

HACK #1 Comment on Other Content

Looking at the comments that other people have made on content that is similar to your content, you will find that people may have questions.  You can share a brief story about how you have experienced the same frustration and tell them how you found a solution.  Out of respect for the content author, you don’t want to just post a link to their content.  BUT.. you can tell them to PM you if they want to know more.  You can share it with them when they PM you.

HACK #2 Make a Review Video

If you’re trying to share a marketing system or a particular product, making a video review can be a great way to get your content seen quickly.  A real, honest review of how the product has helped you is the best kind of review.  If you get too hypie (You know INFO-mercial type hype), it will be hard for you to be seen as genuine.  Just tell people what you like and what you don’t.

A method I have found that helps my videos get seen even quicker is to break them up into different categories.  For example, if you have found a marketing system like All In One Profits, there are multiple products you get.  You get an auto-responder, web hosting, a capture page builder, and URL tracking services.  So you might make a video for each different product and how each can help you solve a frustration or problem.  One other nugget: I make sure to put the URL of each different video in the description of the other videos.

I’m going to use one of my own hacks here, if you want to know more about how I drive traffic with video -reach out here Joinme@kaikauai.com

HACK #3 Build a List and send to subscribers

This method will take a little longer to work out, but can be one of the better sources of views.  Once you have a list of subscribers, it can be the best quote/unquote ‘FREE’ source of viewers or traffic to your content.  It might take a little time and/or money, depending on your goals, to build up a list.  BUT… once you have a list of subscribers that like the content you produce, you can get viewers almost on demand!  Check out one of the masters of list building here!

So what’s the catch?  You can’t get people consuming your content unless you GET SOME CONTENT out there!  Good Luck and happy traffic building.



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